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Whole wheat atta is a staple in Indian households. However, the quality of the atta differs. A lot of us find it really hard to zero in on the quality of atta that we want, isn’t it true? Yes, if you too find resonance with these thoughts, you should buy atta from Dinesh Flour Mills - the simplest way to arrive at a conclusion as far as atta with a constant supply of nutrients is concerned. When you buy atta from DFM, you get whole wheat atta packed with a whole lot of nutrients. Get ready for healthy as well...

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Off late, everyone has started picking on to healthy eating habits. This has led to a rise in the availability of healthy ingredients, of which some only claim to be ‘healthy’, but in real are heavily adulterated products. Dinesh Flour Mills, however, is different. At DFM, we ensure every product you buy from us is of high quality. The latest in our collection is 8 Pearl multigrain atta. We have named it 8 Pearl because of its contents list: brown chickpeas flour, soyabean flour, oats flour, barley flour, finger millet flour, maize flour, wheat flour, and wheat bran. Fibre content...

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