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Value for money, good flavour and chapati is soft

Krishan Sardana, Rajasthan

People in the house objected the purchase. I said why not when we buy a TV for 50000! Now we get best rotis and purists. Superb soft. Not stupid thin.

PRParthasarathy , Gujrat

Excellent textured atta.can feel the freshness through smell. All though please try to minim the delivery charges

Raghav , Tamil Nadu

Nice change !

Zipsy , Delhi
DINESH MP ATTA - Prepared fresh from best quality Madhya Pradesh Sharbati Wheat

About Us

Supplying via home delivery service to all over India. Online best atta order. Its Pure and Fresh to make it best atta, prepared when order is received. Madhya Pradesh in INDIA is well known for its best quality golden grains of wheat. The whole wheat atta processed during this is referred to as MP Whole Wheat Atta and Dinesh Flour MIlls MP Atta is preffered by people everywhere. Dinesh Flour Mills best quality MP Atta ensures all round health to you and your family. Using this quality best atta,you can rest assured that roti stays soft and fluffy and nourished throughout your meals. This is an age of revolution.Why should your everyday Atta stay behind ?Where does the good health of your loved ones start from? Since ages now, we are taught that a healthy, balanced diet plays a vital role in the maintenance of good health. To ensure nothing wrong comes out of your kitchen, always rely on the best for kitchen ingredients. To start with, Dinesh MP atta solves half your problems as wheat-based meals are a staple in most Indian households. Dinesh Flour Mills ensures nothing comes between you and the good health of your family members. 

Ensure complete diet of your family by using Dinesh Flour Mills Multigrain Atta. It is a mixture of wheat, gram, soyabean, oats, barley and ragi. DFM Multigrain Atta is a blend of nutrients of various grains which give more fibre and minerals.Its easy to digest, good for your tummy and best for weight loss.We at Dinesh Flour Mills take pride in the fact that our quality and pricing – both have resonated well with our clients all these 4 decades, and we hop it continues so. DFM, situated in Old Rajendra Nagar Market, New Delhi, is the best place to buy flour (MP flour, refined white flour, diabetes flour, chawal atta, besan atta, etc.), lentils & pulses (moong dal, urad dal, masar dal, chana dal, toor dal, arhar dal, etc.), rice (basmati, sula, parmal, etc.), and sugar etc. at unbelievable prices. Place your order so you can start preparing healthy yet tasty meals for your loved ones at the earliest.