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Urad Dhuli Dal - Maa Dhuli Dal - Urad Washed - White Lentil

An In-Depth Look at Dinesh Flour Mills Urad Dhuli Dal: A Nutrient Powerhouse in Your Pantry

Dinesh Flour Mills, known for their quality and consistency, offers a premium variety of legumes, one of which is the nutritious Urad Dhuli Dal. This type of lentil, famous in the Indian subcontinent, is an integral component of the Indian culinary landscape due to its multiple health benefits, ease of use, and versatility in creating a range of delectable recipes.

What is Urad Dhuli Dal?

Urad Dhuli Dal, also known as Split Black Gram, is the split and washed version of Urad Dal. It is white in color, and has a slightly glutinous texture when cooked. The dal is a staple in Indian cuisine, and it is lauded for its high protein content and other vital nutrients.

Urad Dhuli Dal goes by several names in various regions across India and the world. It is also known as Urad Chilka (in Hindi), Masha (in Sanskrit), Uddina Bele (in Kannada), Ulutham Paruppu (in Tamil), Minapa Pappu (in Telugu), and Uzhunnu Parippu (in Malayalam). In English, it is often referred to as White Lentil or Split Black Gram.

Nutritional Benefits of Urad Dhuli Dal

One of the standout aspects of Urad Dhuli Dal from Dinesh Flour Mills is its rich nutritional profile. It is a potent source of protein, making it a crucial part of the diet for vegetarians and vegans who seek plant-based protein sources. Moreover, it's packed with dietary fiber, facilitating better digestion and promoting a feeling of satiety, which can aid in weight management.

The dal also contains a range of essential minerals such as potassium, iron, and calcium, crucial for maintaining bone health, blood pressure, and overall body function. It is also rich in vitamins, particularly B-complex vitamins, which are crucial for energy production and maintaining optimal brain function.

Uses of Urad Dhuli Dal

Urad Dhuli Dal is a versatile ingredient in the kitchen, suitable for a range of dishes, from simple comfort food to exquisite gourmet recipes. It can be used to make dal, which is a common side dish for rice and roti. The dal can also be ground into a batter and used to make a variety of dishes like dosas, idlis, and vadas, staple foods in South India.

Recipes Using Urad Dhuli Dal

Here are a few recipes that can be made using Dinesh Flour Mills Urad Dhuli Dal:

  1. Dal Makhani: A rich and creamy Punjabi dish made with Urad Dal and kidney beans, slow-cooked with a mix of Indian spices, and finished off with a dollop of cream.

  2. Dahi Vada: A popular snack where Urad Dal vadas (doughnuts) are dunked in a tangy yogurt sauce.

  3. Idli and Dosa: Urad Dhuli Dal is soaked, ground into a batter, and then fermented to make idlis (steamed rice cakes) and dosas (rice pancakes).

  4. Urad Dal Khichdi: A comforting one-pot dish made with Urad Dal and rice, seasoned with turmeric and ghee.

  5. Urad Dal Puri: A delicious bread made by mixing Urad Dal paste into the dough before deep-frying.

Urad Dhuli Dal from Dinesh Flour Mills is not just a pantry staple but a nutrient powerhouse. Its diverse culinary uses and significant health benefits make it a must-have ingredient in your kitchen. Its adaptability in various recipes ensures you never run out of options to incorporate this healthful dal into your meals.

Urad dhuli dal is referred for its high nutritional value. It has protein, fat, and carbs which are required by the body for proper functioning. Urad dal is good for heart health and is specifically good for women. Urad dal is also known as black lentil or white lentil, depending upon the color of its outer layer.

Urad dhuli is easy to make as well as easy to digest. In less than five minutes on the gas stove, the dal gets ready which you can then eat as it is or seasoned with chili flakes etc.

It is widely prepared in Indian households and is eaten either with roti or with rice. Urad dal is said to be rich in protein, fats, carbs, vitamin B, iron, calcium, magnesium, and much more. You can buy urad dhuli dal from Dinesh Flour Mills now.

DFM is situated in Old Rajinder Nagar Market, New Delhi for as long as four decades now. We started providing healthy food ingredients to our highly valued clients in the year 1976 and since then, our promise has only gotten better. Buy healthy, rich raw food ingredients from us and contribute to the good health of your family.

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best for my family as no preservatives added. No extra polish or colour added.