About Us - Dinesh Flour Mills


Dinesh Flour Mills is one of the India’s fast growing Company established since 1975. With experience of four generations, serving community by manufacturing best quality MP wheat flour, rice, pulses, sugar and other products manufactured, processed and packed.



Our mission is to provide the quality products that we offer are good for everyone from a toddler to her 80 year old grandma. They are easily digestible and provide all nutrients required by the body. What else does one want to get healthy and be happy.


Our vision is to become a food company which provides all superior and best quality products to our consumers by developing a strong bond of trust through a strong distribution network.

Dinesh Flour Mills is the best place for you to buy your daily needs items when it comes to kitchen at your home. We get you best quality flours of various kinds, grains, lentils, pulses, rice, sugar, and what not because we care about your health. For an Indian kitchen to be- this are the most basic things to have.

At DFM, you can shop from basic whole wheat flour, refined flour, rice flour, bajra flour, makka flour, gram flour, multi grain atta, and the list goes on. From lobiya to rajma, moth, chana, arhar, moong, urad dal, we have a whole lot of protein giving dals. The best quality rice- long, slender Basmati rice- is available only at DFM. The juicy cane sugar used to make crystal clear sugar is what we look for when getting sugar for our esteemed clients.

Our products are good for children, their parents, and their grandparents alike. In short, you could rely upon our products for everyone in your family, no matter what age group they belong to. Get going now! Everyone loves to gorge on food. All that makes the difference is the type of food one consumes. We at Dinesh Flour Mills (DFM) understand how important healthy food is for overall maintenance of mind and body. That is why we have taken pledge to offer best quality healthy rice, pulses, grains, flours, and sugar to our customers so they and their families get the best.

The most basic of everything is flour. If that is not right, it means the foundation- the very base- is not right. But while buying any type of flour at DFM, you can rest assured about the quality you are making your family consume. From whole wheat flour to refined flour, gram flour to corn flour, rice flour, bajra flour… the list is simply endless. The thing that remains same throughout is the quality. Not just this, for the super health freaks, we also have the best proportionate quality of multi grain atta with us. From a simple roti to a yummy butter naan, from healthy bajre ki roti to a Punjab staple makki roti, it is all about quality and it is all about DFM. We get the best when it is about our esteemed clients. When in India, the next could be nothing but pulses and lentils. We all seem to be so much obsessed with these two that once a day, one of these has to be a part of our meals. White Chana, Rajma, Moong Dal, Urad Dal, Arhar Dal, Lobia, and Moth are some of the varieties we have stocked up from best places for you. These are sure to provide all vitamins and proteins a human body requires on a daily basis.

The quality of rice you see at DFM is probably one of the best in town. The basmati that we have is long grain and aromatic that the meals will simply get vanished soon after they are served. Basmati anyway translates to aromatic, and the basmati offered by DFM is a fine example of the adjective. From Hyderabadi Biryani to Kashmiri Pulav, from Zarda to kheer, this long and slender grain rice is simply going to amaze everyone sitting on the dining table.

Sugar- however bad for the body- is but unavoidable by the households. So we thought why not lessen the adverse effects by stocking some best quality sugar in-house? That said, the sugar you get at DFM is made of best, juicy cane sugar in hygienic conditions to get you simply the best. Added to the dishes you prepare with love, this is help double up the savory taste- making way for endless compliments for you.

Suji and upma offered by DFM are sure to give the mornings a kick-ass start- just the way you have always wanted. From idlis to halva, from pancakes to dosas, you can make a lot of yummy breakfast and mid-day meals for your family and kids respectively. For the super health conscious people, we also have daliya- your morning staple.

Apart from the above mentioned items, we also have a wide variety of items you might require to dish out something not just tasty but also super healthy for your family. We believe in healthy substitutes but we understand how important it is for the food to be equally tasty. This is reason enough for us to do our fine research before finalizing on places to get individual items .