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Dollar Chana (Cholley): Kabuli Chana

A Nutritious Addition to Your Daily Diet

Bigger than normal white chole / white chana. Dollar Chana, also known as Cholley or Chickpea, is a versatile legume that has been an essential part of various cuisines around the world for centuries. Dinesh Flour Mills offers high-quality Dollar Chana, packed with essential nutrients and numerous health benefits. In this article, we will explore the benefits and uses of Dollar Chana, as well as reasons why you should consider adding it to your daily diet.

Benefits of Dollar Chana - White Chana - Choley

  1. Rich in Protein: Dollar Chana is an excellent source of plant-based protein, making it an essential addition to vegetarian and vegan diets. Protein is crucial for building and repairing tissues, maintaining muscle mass, and supporting various bodily functions.

  2. Fiber Powerhouse: This legume is abundant in dietary fiber, which aids in proper digestion, promotes bowel regularity, and helps manage cholesterol levels. High-fiber diets have also been associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes.

  3. Boosts Energy: Dollar Chana is a complex carbohydrate, providing a steady release of energy, making it an ideal choice for sustained physical and mental activities.

  4. Packed with Essential Minerals: It contains essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc, all of which play vital roles in maintaining overall health.

  5. Vitamins Galore: Dollar Chana is a rich source of various vitamins, including B-vitamins like folate, which are essential for cell division and DNA synthesis.

  6. Weight Management: Its high protein and fiber content can help you feel fuller for longer, making it a great addition to weight management diets.

Uses of Dollar Chana - White Choley

  1. Cooking: Dollar Chana is a staple ingredient in many cuisines, used to prepare a wide range of dishes. It can be boiled and added to salads, curries, stews, and soups. Roasted Dollar Chana is a popular snack, enjoyed for its crunchy texture and savory flavor.

  2. Hummus: Hummus, a popular Middle Eastern dip, is made from Dollar Chana blended with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. It is not only delicious but also a nutritious addition to your diet.

  3. Chickpea Flour: Ground into a flour-like texture, Dollar Chana can be used to make flatbreads, such as Indian gram flour (besan) pancakes and falafels.

  4. Chaat: In Indian cuisine, Dollar Chana is a key component of chaat, a popular street food snack known for its delightful combination of flavors and textures.

Why You Should Add Dollar Chana to Your Daily Diet

  1. Nutrient Density: Dollar Chana is a nutrient-dense food, meaning it provides a high concentration of essential nutrients relative to its calorie content.

  2. Heart Health: The fiber and potassium in Dollar Chana can help maintain healthy blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  3. Blood Sugar Management: The low glycemic index of Dollar Chana can aid in better blood sugar control, making it suitable for individuals with diabetes.

  4. Digestive Health: The fiber content supports a healthy digestive system and helps prevent constipation.

  5. Plant-Based Protein: For vegetarians and vegans, Dollar Chana offers a valuable source of protein to support muscle function and overall health.

Other Names of Dollar Chana

Dollar Chana is known by various names in different regions and languages. Some of the common names include:

  • Chickpea (English)
  • Garbanzo bean (Spanish)
  • Bengal gram (Indian)
  • Egyptian pea (Arabic)
  • Ceci bean (Italian)
  • Pois chiche (French)

Dinesh Flour Mills' Dollar Chana (Cholley) is a nutritional powerhouse that offers a plethora of health benefits. Its protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals make it an ideal addition to any diet, regardless of dietary preferences. With its versatility and delicious taste, Dollar Chana can be easily incorporated into your daily meals, enhancing both the flavor and nutritional value of your dishes. So, whether you're a health-conscious individual or simply looking to diversify your culinary experiences, Dollar Chana is a fantastic choice for a healthier and more flavorful diet.

Low on calories, Dollar Chana is a BIG SIZE treasure of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It is a rich source of dietary fiber and helps one feeling full for longer. This is why people on a diet also love eating this chana in salad form.

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