Penne Pasta (Mostaccioli) Made of Sooji - 500 Gm

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Discover the Power of Suji: Dinesh Flour Mills' Penne Pasta Revolution: 

In our quest to give our children a healthy yet delicious diet, we often find ourselves in a dilemma. The solution, however, could be simpler than we think. Dinesh Flour Mills' Penne Pasta made of Suji offers a delightful and nutrient-packed option that your kids will adore.

Benefits of Dinesh Flour Mills Penne Pasta Made of Suji

The Penne Pasta made of Suji by Dinesh Flour Mills is a wholesome food packed with a wealth of health benefits. Suji, also known as Semolina, is rich in complex carbohydrates, providing slow-release energy to keep your kids active throughout the day. Moreover, it's high in dietary fiber and protein, supporting growth, maintaining digestive health, and promoting brain function.

Switching to Suji Penne Pasta could greatly enhance your child's daily dietary fiber intake, ensuring a healthy digestive system and regular bowel movements. Plus, Suji's richness in iron makes it an excellent choice to tackle common iron deficiency issues in growing children.

Alternative Names of Penne Pasta Made of Suji in India

In India, Penne Pasta made of Suji is also commonly known as Rava Penne, Semolina Penne, or Sooji Penne.

Delicious Recipes Using Dinesh Flour Mills Penne Pasta

  1. Suji Penne Pasta Salad: A refreshing pasta salad loaded with vegetables, dressed with a zingy vinaigrette. Perfect for a light lunch or a nutritious snack.

  2. Creamy Suji Penne Pasta with Spinach: A delightful pasta dish made with creamy sauce, spinach, and nutritious Penne pasta made of Suji. It is not only tasty but also packed with iron and vitamins.

  3. Baked Suji Penne Pasta with Tomato and Basil: A healthier version of the classic Italian dish, this baked pasta recipe combines the tangy taste of tomatoes and the aromatic flavor of basil with the wholesome goodness of Suji.

  4. Indian Style Suji Penne Pasta Masala: A fusion dish that blends Indian flavors and spices with healthy Suji Penne Pasta. A must-try recipe for those looking to add a twist to their regular pasta meals.


Why Shift to Dinesh Flour Mills Penne Pasta Made of Suji for Kids?

While conventional pasta variants might appease your child's taste buds, they often lack in the nutrition department. Suji pasta, on the other hand, not only matches the taste and texture of regular pasta but also surpasses it in terms of health benefits.

In an era where childhood obesity and related health issues are on the rise, it is crucial to make healthier food choices. Dinesh Flour Mills Penne Pasta made from Suji can be that healthier choice. With this product, your child gets all the necessary nutrients they need, along with the great taste they love. Let your kids enjoy their childhood to the fullest, powered by the wholesome nutrition of Suji Penne Pasta.


Penne Pasta  / Mostaccioli Pasta:

Made Of Semolina ( Sooji )

Italian pasta is easily the favourite of one and all. Kids love it and so do adults. But, a lot of us avoid eating it regularly because it is made using refined flour and as it is, consumption of refined flour is not good for health. This is why people prefer to eat it just once in a while and they completely avoid giving it to their kids. But, here comes some pasta good news from the one and only Dinesh Flour Mills.

Mostaccioli Pasta is the recent addition to the DFM family of quality kitchen ingredients. The best thing about our Mostaccioli Pasta is that it is made using sooji (semolina) and not maida (refined flour).

"Nourish and Flourish: Dinesh Flour Mills' Penne Pasta, a Healthy Twist for Kids"

Using our Mostaccioli Pasta, you can not just assure great Italian taste but also good gut health. Made using Durum Wheat Semolina (No Maida, 100% Sooji), the pasta by DFM is rich in protein & fibre. Our pasta is good for people following a Vegan lifestyle. If you are looking for food items that are low on cholesterol and trans fat, this is it!

Be it for a house party or for an evening tea time snacking, our pasta varieties will keep you satiated and asking for more. If you are always worried about the meals of your kids, this pasta can take the trouble away for many times in a week… just sauté some vegetables, add cheese and cream, and toss in boiled sooji penne pasta by DFM… and you are ready with a wholesome, tasty, and healthy meal for your kids.

Wondering when you could prepare and eat this irresistible pasta at home? Well, place an order with Dinesh Flour Mills now and get ready for healthy Italian evenings with your near and dear ones.

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