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Jau Sattu: The Superfood from India

Buy Jau Sattu, it is a food item commonly consumed in parts of India, particularly in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand. It is a roasted barley flour that is commonly used in the preparation of drinks and snacks.

To make Jau Sattu, barley is first roasted until it turns golden brown in color, and then ground into a fine powder. The powder can be consumed on its own, mixed with water or milk to make a refreshing drink, or combined with other ingredients such as chopped onions, green chilies, and spices to make a savory snack.

Jau Sattu is a nutritious food item that is high in protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients. It is also believed to have cooling properties and is often consumed during the hot summer months to help cool down the body.

Overall, Jau Sattu is a versatile and healthy food item that is enjoyed by many people in India.

Jau Sattu is a nutritious food item that offers several health benefits. Here are some of its nutritional benefits:

  1. High in Protein: Jau Sattu is a good source of protein, which is important for building and repairing tissues in the body. It is particularly beneficial for vegetarians and vegans who may not get enough protein from their diet.

  2. Rich in Fiber: Jau Sattu is high in dietary fiber, which helps to promote healthy digestion and prevent constipation. It also helps to keep you feeling full for longer, which can be helpful for weight management.

  3. Contains Essential Nutrients: Jau Sattu contains essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, calcium, and B vitamins, which are important for maintaining good health.

  4. Low in Fat: Jau Sattu is low in fat, making it a healthy option for those who are trying to manage their weight.

  5. Cooling Properties: Jau Sattu is believed to have cooling properties, which can be helpful in keeping the body cool during hot summer months.

Overall, Jau Sattu is a nutritious food item that can be a great addition to a healthy and balanced diet. It is particularly beneficial for vegetarians and vegans who may struggle to get enough protein from their diet.

Jau Sattu is a popular food item in many parts of India and is known by different names in different regions. Here are some of the different names for Jau Sattu in various states of India:

  1. Bihar and Jharkhand - Jau Sattu
  2. Uttar Pradesh - Sattu Ka Atta
  3. Punjab - Sattu
  4. Rajasthan - Satuwa or Sattoo
  5. West Bengal - Sattoo or Chatu
  6. Odisha - Pithau
  7. Maharashtra - Shikharini
  8. Madhya Pradesh - Sattu or Sharbat
  9. Chhattisgarh - Satnaja

Despite the different names, Jau Sattu or Sattu is a popular and nutritious food item consumed in many parts of India.


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