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This is the age of rising competition as well as stress levels. Eating what we used to eat ages ago can not really suffice in providing complete nutrients to the body. This is the reason why multi grain atta is gaining popularity all over the world these days. It is made using many grains like oats, chana, soya, jwar, whole wheat, and a lot more in proportions that can be easily digested by the body.

Multi grain atta provides all nutrients in one go and is good for people with diabetes and other diseases. Dinesh Flour Mills- situated since 1970's at Old Rajinder Nagar Market, New Delhi- is the best place for you to buy multi grain atta. We source the best whole grains which are then ground using advanced technology and are then packaged under hygienic conditions so you get what is best for your body.

Multi Grain Atta: This is something that ensures all round benefits if you have a fussy eater at home or are one yourself. Multi-grain atta is made using different nutritious flours in various proportions apt for the human body consumption. From whole wheat atta to channa atta, it constitutes a variety of atta to make one flour fit for all. It is more filling than the normal whole wheat atta and keeps one feeling full for longer period of time. The taste however is not entirely different and the roti is made the same way. You could now buy multi grain atta from Dinesh Flour Mills- your very own one stop shop for all things food. When we say all things food, we intend to tell that the best place to buy raw material to make delicacies is none other than DFM. From various flour types to rice types and lentils, millets and cereals, we have it all- just for you

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Very good products

Bahut hi badiya atta

Yeh dinesh Flour Mill ka atta bahut hi badiya hai. Multigrain atta ki roti bhi itni mulayam banti hai. Main to isko full Mark's deti hu.sabse badiya atta👍