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Rotini PastaRotini pasta is an all new pasta variant from the esteemed store of Dinesh Flour Mills. What makes the Italian delicacy a hot-sell at DFM is that it is made using 100 per cent sooji unlike its maida variants. Using this healthy variant, you can now easily and quickly prepare the favourite of one and all - pasta in white sauce, pasta in red sauce, or pasta in pink sauce. Order healthy and tasty Rotini Pasta from Dinesh Flour Mills now!  

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White Chana Medium: White chana is referred to as Chickpea/ Bengal gram in English. It belongs to a very popular family of legumes loved by Indians. White chana is high in nutritional value and is good to be included in diet. It aids in weight loss because it is high in fibre content. It is the best source of dietary protein for vegetarians and keeps one feeling full for longer. Because of presence of manganese in it, Bengal gram helps boost energy and immunity too. Dinesh Flour Mills is your go-to place if you want to buy white chana medium....

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