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Sugar Free Atta: Sugar aka diabetes is one problem majority of people belonging to all age groups are facing today. Unhealthy diet intake and disorderly routine patterns plus high levels of pollution contribute to unbalanced sugar levels in the body. Though curing the problem does not look like a possibility but keeping sugar levels under control so the body can still stay active and healthy-is a possibility. Ensure that the food you consume is healthy and half the battle is won. Sugar free atta, ie, atta meant for people with diabetes or people with family history of diabetes- has less GI levels. This is an excellent way to keep sugar levels under control. It tastes like normal whole wheat atta and anything, be it roti or parantha or pooris- can be made using sugar-free atta. You can now buy this atta for a healthy you- from Dinesh Flour Mills, situated in Old Rajinder Nagar Market, New Delhi. We take pride in being able to serve Delhiites the best of raw food material since over four decades now!

For you and anyone suffering from sugar levels problem in your family, nothing can get better than sugar free atta. Nill GI levels ensure the food gets digested easily without getting converting into sugar. Sugar Free Atta by Dinesh Flour Mills helps keep sugar levels from rising too high or falling too low. Its zero GI levels ensure that the sugar levels are maintained in the body throughout the day. Start a healthy habit today by bringing home Multi Grain Atta by Dinesh Flour Mills. At DFM, we get you a mix of various flours like whole wheat, chana atta, ragi atta, jowar atta etc. in fine proportions so you don't miss out on vital nutrients. Sugar Free Atta by dinesh flour mills is a special formulation of atta created keeping in mind the needs of people suffering from diabetes. Its zero GI levels help keep the sugar levels under check so you lead a healthy lifestyle, without worries.

Sugar Free Atta: Why limit yourself to the goodness of whole wheat atta only when you can get the best of all the worlds? Sugar Free Atta constitutes of wheat flour, gram flour, soya flour, oats flour, ragi flour, and barley flour for an added punch of nourishment. At Dinesh Flour Mills, we make sure all these flours are added in the right proportion, so you get fluffy and hot chapattis. Puris and parathas made using this flour also come out exceptionally well. Accompanied with the curry of your choice, these multi grain atta rotis make for a hearty meal. Made utilizing the First class ingredients from wheat flour to gram flour, soya flour, oats flour, ragi flour, and grain flour, Sugar Free Atta by Dinesh Flour Mills is the thing that you have to bring home if the healthy gut of your loved ones is of most extreme significance to you. Since our work and way of life culture has seen a progress, essential wheat flour is by all accounts deficient. This is the place Sugar Free Atta comes in. At DFM, the atta establishes the right extents of everything so you get pleasantly delicate chapattis.  Why restrain yourself to the limitations of plain wheat atta just when you can outwit every one of the universes? Sugar Free Atta comprises of wheat flour, gram flour, soya flour, oats flour, ragi flour, and grain flour for an additional punch of sustenance. At Dinesh Flour Mills, we ensure every one of these flours are included the correct extent, so you get fleecy and hot chapattis. Puris and parathas made utilizing this flour additionally turned out astoundingly well. Went with your preferred curry, these multi grain atta rotis make for a healthy dinner.

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