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by Nisha Gupta 03 Jan 2021 0 Comments


1.Custard of 1 Kg Milk

2. 6 Tsp Drinking Choclate

3. 1 Tsp Cream

4. Bread Slices 0r Biscuits

5. Walnuts few pieces

6. Glazed Cherries

Method  :

  1.  Make a thick paste of drinking chocolate and cream with little of hot water.
  2. To make praline powder beat little sugar in a heavy sauce pan till it melts and becomes golden
  3. Add walnuts and remove from fire. Pour it on greased plate.
  4. When it cools down, grind them into pieces.
  5. Cut the hard corners of the bread and cut them into half. Dip them one by one in choclate sauce  and arrange in a bowl.
  6. Now spread custard evenly and repeat both layers once more.
  7. Lastly pour the rest choclate sauce on it and top with praline and cherries.
  8. Keep in fridge for 2-3 hours and SERVE COLD.


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