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Happy Gangaur

by Pradeep Gupta 05 Apr 2022 0 Comments
Happy Gangaur
Gangaur Puja - the conclusion of the 18 day long Gangaur festival - is here. Gangaur festival is observed in various parts of Western and Central India, mainly Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, in honor of the divine couple Shiva and Parvati. Gangaur is made up of two words, ‘Gan’ meaning Shiva, and ‘Gaur’ meaning Parvati or Gauri.

A little more history on this day: The story revolves around Parvati being escorted by Lord Shiva from her parental home on the day of their marriage, following a grand farewell. As per ancient scriptures, Parvati had performed severe penance for days to persuade Lord Shiva to have her as his wife. Her perseverance and devotion moved him and he accepted her as his wife.

Today, women celebrate the Gangaur festival with great zeal and devotion. This includes them praying to Goddess Parvati to bless them with a bountiful spring that’s full of harvest, and also marital bliss. They also wish from the Goddess to bless their husbands with a healthy and long life. While the festival revolves around married women, a lot of unmarried girls also partake in it in hopes of being blessed with a good husband.

Fasting for all these day till Gangaur Puja involves a lot of patience and Pyrenees of the heart. Concluding it should certainly include good food for the women for showing up without second thoughts. Dinesh Flour Mills wishes everyone celebrating a Happy Gangaur Puja Day. We wish to also inform you that you can immerse yourself in the glory of good food with a little help from DFM.

At DFM, we have a wide range of flours, lentils and pulses, rice, sugar, dalia, and so much more, using which you can shell out tasty meals and treat your taste buds to all of it after weeks and weeks of observing fasts. This Gangaur Puja, may all your wishes and dreams come true, but before that, don’t forget to place an order at DFM!
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