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Senior Citizens Day

by Pradeep Gupta 22 Aug 2022 0 Comments
Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day - a day reserved to thank the senior citizens including our parents and grand parents - is here. It is celebrated the world over on 21st August every year to show gratitude towards our elders for all that they have done to nourish and nurture us. This day is also celebrated to create awareness as to how lonely do the seniors sometimes feel because, knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to get too busy in our lives and they feel ignored.

Senior Citizen's Day has been marked in an effort to create awareness about the issues that come with age as seniors grow old. This day helps us appreciate a little more the sacrifices they have made to give us a life worth living. We can all sit back on this day and reminisce about their contributions in various fields of profession, helping the world grow and reach where it is today.

People aged 60 and above are considered senior citizens and this is also the official age of retirement in major countries of the world. Since their time on earth now is relatively less, we should make sure we do something to mark this day.

We should ensure we spend time with them and make them feel special by indulging in activities such as cooking them their favourite meal, watching a movie with them, listening to a myriad of stories they have to tell, or simply going for a walk with them. Be it parents growing old or grandparents living to watch us grow, grand uncles and grand aunts, and other senior citizens, all of them need to feel valued and this is the perfect day we all came together and celebrated with them. Once they are gone, it is these beautiful moments we created with them that we will cherish for life.


Krishh Gupta

Manav Sthali School

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