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by Pradeep Gupta 09 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Sugar is an unavoidable part of our daily lives when it comes to food. We consume it every day in one form or the other. Be it in the form of fruits, dairy, or the table sugar, we cannot imagine our lives without it. In many Indian families, we serve sugar mixed in curd to someone who is stepping out of home for a good deed. And we celebrate with a lot of things, mithai being the fixed thing. How can the quality of sugar be ignored, per se?

We at Dinesh Flour Mills understand the need (and sometimes, obsession) of sugar in every household. That is why we go the extra mile to get you the best quality of sugar. We ensure the cane sugar used to extract sugar is of utmost quality. Then the mill where sugar is extracted is also checked for various parameters by us. From picking the raw material to getting it delivered to mills, from extraction of sugar to its packaging till it reaches you, we keep a close eye on all the steps so you get nothing but the best for your body. That said, you could easily rely on us for your meetha needs.

The sugar that you get at Dinesh Flour Mills double refined,big crystal and sulphurless, thus implying higher quality of sugar. The crystal clear squares you buy from DFM- when taken in moderation- will only add to your health. You could add it you your milk glass or hot cuppa chai. You could add it to cakes, halva, pudding, shakes, various snacks, and what not. Want to have chilled kheer? Boil rice, add milk to it and keep on boiling till the mixture reaches the desired consistency. Add sugar as per taste and keep in the freezer to chill. Your yummy kheer is ready. Sugar has the magic in it to turn everything sweet.

Apart from sugar, we also stock up on best quality flours of various kinds, lentils, pulses and grains, rice, daliya, and suji etc. The best thing about our products is that they are manufactured using the best quality raw ingredients and are suitable for people belonging to all age groups. So the next time you step out of your home to buy any or all of these to stock up your kitchen boxes, DFM is the place you could straightaway head to.

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