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Dinesh Flour Mills is the best place for you to buy your daily needs items when it comes to kitchen at your home. We get you best quality flours of various kinds, grains, lentils, pulses, rice, sugar, and what not because we care about your health. For an Indian kitchen to be- this are the most basic things to have. At DFM, you can shop from basic whole wheat flour, refined flour, rice flour, bajra flour, makka flour, gram flour, multi grain atta, and the list goes on. From lobiya to rajma, moth, chana, arhar, moong, urad dal, we have...

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atta, basmati, bihu, covid, dals, Flours, grinded items, happy, lentils, lohri, makar sankranti, pongal, pulses, republic, rice, sankranti -

FLOUR/ GRINDED ITEMS Wheat Flour: Wheat Flour is the most basic ingredient found in every Indian kitchen. With a very less GI (Glycemic Index), wheat flour is a major source of carbs required by the body. Pair it with veggies and curries of your choice and you are set to go! Whole Grain Atta: Whole Grain Atta is basically wheat granules ground while the husk is still on. This ensures retention of more vital nutrients and thus an assurance of good health to you and your family. Get started building health blocks today! MP Whole Wheat Atta: Madhya Pradesh in...

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Dinesh Flour Mills wishes all its satisfied and esteemed clients not one, not two, but numerous happy occasions today. A very happy Lohri, Bihu, Pongal, and Makar Sankranti to you and your families. How about uniting in the oneness of colour and food – the essence of the ever-versatile India? Dinesh Flour Mills is happy to help. We bring to you the best quality whole wheat atta, makki atta, chawal ka atta, bajra atta, and other flours, a huge variety of rice, sugar, and unpolished lentils & pulses. It is the day to forget all the strict diet plans and...

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