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Flours and Grinded Items

by Pradeep Gupta 06 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Flours and Grinded Items


Wheat Flour: Wheat Flour is the most basic ingredient found in every Indian kitchen. With a very less GI (Glycemic Index), wheat flour is a major source of carbs required by the body. Pair it with veggies and curries of your choice and you are set to go!

Whole Grain Atta: Whole Grain Atta is basically wheat granules ground while the husk is still on. This ensures retention of more vital nutrients and thus an assurance of good health to you and your family. Get started building health blocks today!

MP Whole Wheat Atta: Madhya Pradesh in India is well-known for its best quality golden grains of wheat. The whole wheat atta processed using this wheat is referred to as MP Whole Wheat Atta and is preferred by people everywhere.

Premium MP Atta: Premium quality MP Atta ensures all round health to you and your family. Using this atta, you can rest assured that it never goes black and stays soft throughout- dishing out soft and fluffy rotis.

Sugar Free Atta: For you and anyone suffering from sugar levels problem in your family, nothing can get better than sugar free atta. Nill GI levels ensure the food gets digested easily without getting converting into sugar.

Multi Grain Atta: This is an age of revolution. Why should your everyday atta stay behind? Ensure complete diet of your family by using multi grain atta that has the goodness of chana, soya, oats, and much more apart from whole wheat.

Diabetes Atta: With people suffering from diabetes, it becomes very important to keep a tab on what they eat. Ensure that their sugar levels stay under control by provding them rotis, pooris, and parathas using Diabetes Atta having low GI levels.

Oats Atta: Oats atta can be used to make various breakfast options and it is a rich source of dietary fibres. It aids in digestion and the crunchy texture is loved by one and all. Go the oats atta way!

Ragi Atta: Ragi or finger millet is a very healthy cereal. It is also referred to as 'super cereal' and helps control cancer and diabetes etc. It has high protein as well as essential minerals content. If you want to stay young forever, nothing can match the qualities of ragi atta.

Suji: Suji aka semolina is a favourite as it helps dish out yummy as well as healthy dishes. From idli to dosa and from pakoras to halva, you can prepare numerous dishes using this crunchy and healthy product.

Maida: Maida aka all purpose flour is the by-product of whole wheat flour and is used to make naan and bhaturas and an endless variety of other breads as well as bakery products. However, it is good only when consumed in moderation.

Besan: Besan is basically kala chana ground to powdered form. It is a rich source of iron and other vital nutrients. It is one item that can be used to make healthy breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner dishes. From pakoras to cheela, and halva etc., the options are endless.

Mota Besan: Besan laddu, anyone? Best laddu is a favourite amongst Indians- who are said to have born with a sweet tooth. And what do we use as the main ingredient to shell out these laddus? Mota besan, of course!

Channa Atta: Channa is a rich source of iron as well as other nutrients important for bodily functions. Channa atta carries with it the same properties and you can use it to prepare hot and spicy pakoras as well as sweet and savoury halva. Get started now!

Soyabean Atta: Soyabean atta aids in digestion and has started to become with Indian kitchens of late. It helps in bone development in children and is also important for cofnitive development. Start adding it to curries in minimal quantity now!

Jou Atta: Jou atta is known everywhere for an endless number of benefits associated to it. Its skin benefits include: maintenance of skin elasticity & skin tone improvement. It is a boon for your hair as it restores hair colour and promotes hair growth, putting a stop to hair loss problems. It helps lower cholesterol levels, aids in weight loss, and helps protect against cancer amongst other benefits.

Makki Atta: The golden kernels are a complete baggage of minerals and proteins. Ground to atta form, makki helps in growth and development in kids and also aids in digestion in elders. Makki ki roti is relished with sarson ka saag in winters. 

Rice Atta: Love thin and crispy spring rolls? Try making them using rice flour and you will get the same product you die for when dining out. Rice flour is used to make a lot of heavenly items and is famous for its crunchy and crispy texture.

Jwar Atta: Jowar atta can be used as a wheat flour substitute when it comes to baking goods. It can also be added to soups and stews. This gluten free atta helps in weight loss, regulates proper blood circulation, and enhances overall functions of the body.

Barley Atta: It is considered as a good substitute for wheat flour and, in some cases, cake flour too. It contains bran in its raw form which renders a mild and nutty flavour. Its fiber content is on a higher side  and calorie content on the lower side.

Missi Atta: A blend of different flours, missi atta is a baggage of numerous minerals, vitamins, and proteins essential for your body. You can prepare crispy and spicy missi rotis using this flour and provide a healthy breakfast option to your family.

White Makki Atta: A rich source of proteins and minerals, white makki atta is used to make specialties with an added health benefit. Start including white makki atta in your diet and you will see huge difference in the energy levels of your body in a very short span of time.

Red Makki Atta: Less common than white makki atta, red makki atta is equally a good source of essential nutrients. You can use it to prepare many delicacies. It aids in overall growth and development and also aids in digestion.

Soy Flour: Basically good for everyone, soy flour is all the more important for the elderly and lactating females. It is also a good source of essential nutrients needed by growing children to keep up with their day to day life activities.

Chawal Atta: Essential to keep you cool and to keep digestion under check, chawal atta is gaining popularity by the day. It is a very nice solution if you have fussy kids back home as you can prepare crispy, tasty, as well as healthy dishes using this flour.

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