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Best Dals

by Pradeep Gupta 05 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Dinesh Flour mills Dals

Dinesh Flour Mills Dals 

The one thing that is commonly found in platters pan India is dal. Since our school days itself, we have been taught about several health benefits beans, legumes, and pulses provide to the human body. But of late, it has been seen that certain businesses have started adulterating this staple with elements that are simply not fit for consumption, in worse cases leading to severe illness too.

But, worry not when you have Dinesh Flour Mills at your disposal. At Dinesh Flour Mills, we do not only have the largest collection of dals of all variety, but the best thing is that there is no trace of added colour or polish. Polish technique takes away the top layer of legumes and pulses, leaving you with a shining thing albeit lacking in health content. Take a look at our item list what all you can get from Dinesh Flour Mills. Lacking an unwanted layer of colour and polish, these desi Indian dals are sure to be loved by one and all.

Majority Indians have remained vegans since ages. Staying vegan is a trend that is gaining popularity all over the world. Now the question arises how do we make up for the lost nutrients? How do we make our diet a balanced one?The answer is hidden in a wide variety of dals that have always remained a very vital part of platter pan India. Dals act as one of the main protein sources for vegetarians. Part from that, they also have added benefits of potassium and magnesium etc. Another best thing is that they contain no fats.

At Dinesh Flour Mills, we offer even more. All our dals are unpolished and are naturally colours. That said, we abstain from adding colours completely.

In India, where majority of people are vegetarians- be it because of religious or personal beliefs- dals act as an excellent source of protein. They provide the human body with many minerals and proteins sans any fat content. No meal can really be considered complete without a steaming hot bowl of dal. It is a very healthy and tasty substitute to meat and eggs for the vegetarians. For people who are on a strict diet, substituting wholesome meals with a bowl or two of dal makes them feeling fuller for a longer duration of time- thus helping them lose weight. At Dinesh Flour Mills (aka DFM), we get you the best quality of dals like masoori dal, chana dal, arhar dal, urad dal, moong dal, rajma, lobia, kala chana, kabuli chana, matar, etc. You could make a lot of delicacies using these products. If not as dal dish, a lot of these can be soaked and then further used to make dips (like hummus from kabuli chana), and pancakes (like cheela from dal) etc. At DFM, we ensure that you get top quality dals in superior packaging because to take care of your family is your duty and we try our best to help you achieve your aim.

We are located at Old Rajinder Nagar Market, New Delhi and are serving Delhi residents since more than four decades now! Buy health and goodness from us now..


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