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The age-old saying ‘Health is Wealth’ holds as much significance today as it did when it was coined generations ago. There are higher chances of one not contacting the virus that is looming over our heads if one chooses to follow a healthy lifestyle. Following certain home-made recipes, indulging in an active lifestyle, and eating healthy foods apart from following  the precautions issued in public interest by the Health Department can help a person not contract the virus at all or lessen its impact, if at all it is still contracted. Dinesh Flour Mills has always been a supporter of...

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Hi! I hope that you and everybody at home is safe from coronavirus and is enjoying the pink of health. As is visible, coronavirus cases again are on a rise in India. The hospitals are again occupied with patients of the virus. This only happened because of the negligence of a few people who thought they could now venture out freely without any restrictions. As soon as the news of cases subsiding came out, markets and vacation spots started to crowd up. This is what led to another wave of the virus in the entire nation. The doctors are of...

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