Be Safe From Coronavirus

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Be Safe From Coronavirus

Hi! I hope that you and everybody at home is safe from coronavirus and is enjoying the pink of health.

As is visible, coronavirus cases again are on a rise in India. The hospitals are again occupied with patients of the virus. This only happened because of the negligence of a few people who thought they could now venture out freely without any restrictions. As soon as the news of cases subsiding came out, markets and vacation spots started to crowd up. This is what led to another wave of the virus in the entire nation.

The doctors are of the view that the cases may rise even up in the coming months. This is a scary thought for us at a personal as well as country level.

So, I urge all my loved ones to follow COVID-19 safety norms as set by the health department and avoid going as as much as possible. Just as a reminder, I am jotting down the following for your safety and well-bring:

Practise physical distancing

Wear a mask in public areas

Keep the room well-ventilated

Avoid being in crowded areas

Wash your hands frequently

I hope all of us stay well and let corona die eventually.

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