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Best Biryani Rice By Dinesh Flour Mills

by Pradeep Gupta 28 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Best Biryani Rice By Dinesh Flour Mills

Best Biryani Rice :For an Indian platter, rice is something which helps the meal get a ‘complete’ status. Rice is so popular that one half of the world population eats rice in one way or the other. Considering its purity, rice is also used during Puja ceremonies. There are unimaginable ways when it comes to variety of rice. From bland to sweet to salted, rice can be had in many ways. Owing to their popularity, it becomes important to check that the rice being used is nothing but of best quality. Basmati rice is considered the best type to make numerous rice based delicacies like Hyderabadi biryani pulav, zarda, kheer et al. This long grain rice is known for its matchless taste, white like snow colour, and soft texture. At Dinesh Flour Mills (DFM), we understand your love for rice and have in store the best quality long grain Basmati rice kernels. This unpolished variety is packed with natural fibres and is good for overall health. Serving such textured and tasty rice variety to family and guests will leave you with nothing but praises and love!

A staple of many places and a favourite of many people, rice is a vital part of balanced diet. Since it is rich in carbs, people on a diet tend to avoid this, however the level of carbs depends upon the type of rice and the way you cook it. At Dinesh Flour Mills, we ensure our clients stay in the pink of their health and so the rice that we stock is of utmost quality. We have a huge variety of rice at DFM: basmati rice, sela rice, sona masoori, brown rice, and parmal rice etc.

Basmati Rice: This long. Slender grain rice is a staple of many parts in India. Basmati is taken from a Sanskrit word Vasmati which means aromatic. The name actually resonates with the quality of Basmati. It is very aromatic and simply increases the appetite. We at DFM ensure you get the best quality basmati rice which is not just aromatic but is equally healthy too. It ensures a guilt free eating of rice, as and when desired. Owing to its medium glycemic index, basmati rice proves to be good for people with diabetes, as compared to them consuming any other variety of rice.

Sela Rice: To explain what sela rice is- this is normal rice- just milled in a different way so the nutritional value stays intact. It is also known as parboiled rice or ukda chawal. While it is still in the husk, the paddy is steamed and then dried, making it an equivalent to brown rice when it comes to nutrition. Apart from being high in nutritional content, the rice- on being cooked- separates out perfectly. That is why it is now gaining popularity with rice loving people all over the world. At DFM, we ensure you get moisture-free sela rice, round the year.

Sona Masoori Rice: It is also popularly known as Sona Masuri, Samba Masuri, Bangaru Theealu, and Jeela Karra Masuri. Sona Masoori rice is a light in weight and highly aromatic variety of rice. It is grown in many parts of India and is exported to many parts of the world. With a comparatively harder grain, sona masoori rice has a distinct taste attached to it and since it gives out no fluffy texture, it is believed to be more filling with high caloric value. At DFM, we make sure you get the premium export quality Sona Masoori rice at just the right price.

Brown Rice: Brown rice is essentially white rice with its cover on. It is a whole grain variety of rice, with the outer hull removed without any further milling and polishing done to it. That is why in China, the literal translation of its name comes out to rough rice. Brown rice is popular for its nutritional benefits and is preferred mostly by people on a diet or health conscious people. It is a good source of magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin B6 etc. and is high in fiber. You can now buy the best quality of brown rice from DFM- known for its right quality and right price of the products.

Parmal Rice: This is a non-basmati variety of rice and is popular with people who love rice in any form. It has small grains unlike the long slender grains of Basmati. It is used to make dosas and idlis in many parts of the country. You could now buy parmal rice from DFM- your one and only kitchen food items supplier.

Like the list of variety of rice, there are many ways in which these can be cooked. From simple steamed rice to spicy biryani, from zarda to kheer, from idlis to dosas etc., a lot can be made to keep your family in a happy mood.

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