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Multigrain Atta By Dinesh Flour Mills

by Pradeep Gupta 28 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Multigrain Atta By Dinesh Flour Mills

Owing to people’s affliction towards quick food (read junk food) these days, their balanced diet intake has decreased significantly. Whatever time one eats at home, the meal should comprise of all the vital nutrients so that they can cover up for the lost ones. Multigrain atta is something which not only provides tasty and fluffy chapattis, but it also helps stay up and going all day long. Multigrain atta available at Dinesh Flour Mills is the one on which you can easily rely. We use the best quality grains and pulses etc. to get your body what it deserves the most: healthy nutrients. Its specialty lies in what all goes in to prepare best multigrain atta for you. Apart from the best quality golden wheat kernels, we also add to it the added benefits of oats and ragi atta.

This atta at Dinesh Flour Mills is prepared after closely studying the needs of the changing world these days. The plus point is that no matter how many benefits we add, the taste is never compromised upon. So, get on serving your family and guests to the delicacies they love savoring on!

Multi grain Atta: This is the age of rising competition as well as stress levels. Eating what we used to eat ages ago can not really suffice in providing complete nutrients to the body. This is the reason why multi grain atta is gaining popularity all over the world these days. It is made using many grains like oats, chana, soya, jwar, whole wheat, and a lot more in proportions that can be easily digested by the body. Multi grain atta provides all nutrients in one go and is good for people with diabetes and other diseases. Dinesh Flour Mills- situated since 1976 in Old Rajinder Nagar Market, New Delhi- is the best place for you to buy multi grain atta. We source the best whole grains which are then ground using advanced technology and are then packaged under hygenic conditions so you get what is best for your body.

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