Happy Holi

Holi -

Happy Holi

Known as the festival of colours - Holi is a prominent Hindu festival. It is celebrated each year with zeal and enthusiasm in the month of March (the onset of the spring season) by the followers of the Hindu religion. As per the Hindu calendar, it is the month of Phagun when this festival is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. The ones who celebrate this festival, wait for it every year eagerly to play with their near and dear ones with gulaal and enjoy delectable dishes.

The festive spirit is all about celebrating happiness with family and friends.

People gather at each other’s homes to celebrate the festival with water, balloons, and colours, of course. Some also prefer going and greeting their near and dear ones in the evenings after they are done with the Holi festivities. No matter what time one choose to visit friends and family, the one thing that remains as is, is a wide collection of food. Everyone is an ardent lover of - and associates Holi with - gujiya. Wherever you go on this day, heaps of gujiya are a common sight.

Dinesh Flour Mills wishes everyone a very Happy Holi… may the festivities this year be memorable with moments of happiness captured in your heart forever.

Talking about food and feast associated with Holi, we at DFM wish to inform that we have a wide range of kitchen ingredients you can use to prepare a wholesome meals for family and friends visiting you this Holi. You can place an order for a wide range of flours, rice, lentils and pulses, sugar, poha, dalia, pasta, and macaroni etc. from DFM basis your menu for the Holi gathering. Right from the basics like besan cheela and poha to elaborate three course meals, you can prepare it all using your magical cooking skills and impress the visitors.

And, not to forget, you can even prepare gujiya at home using the finest ingredients by Dinesh Flour Mills. Place an order with DFM now and bask into the glory of the colourful festivities with worrying about healthy and tasty food ingredients as we are here to take care of that.

Happy Holi to you once again!



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