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M P Whole Wheat Atta

by Pradeep Gupta 24 Feb 2021 6 Comments
M P Whole Wheat Atta

Madhya Pradesh is famous for its export quality sharbati atta that is harvested in less than 10 districts of the state. MP atta is also known as sharbati atta. This atta is rich in nutritional balance and hence is very popular in metro cities. It is slightly sweeter in taste and that is why it is referred to as sharbati atta. The grains are slightly bigger in size and golden in colour. As compared to normal wheat atta, the protein content in MP atta is almost 2% up. If the health of your loved ones is what you care about the most, place an order for MP atta at Dinesh Flour Mills today.

MP atta – better known as sharbati atta for its slightly sweeter taste – is famous for its balanced nutrition content. The golden coloured grains of MP wheat are slightly bigger in size and are considered even better than the wheat that comes from Punjab. MP atta wheat is grown in a total of 7 districts of Madhya Pradesh and is of export quality. Want to provide nutrition to your family in the form of fluffy and delicious rotis, paranthas, pooris, and sponge cakes? Head over to Dinesh Flour Mills now and place your order for reasonably priced MP atta today.

Anyone who wishes to serve fluffy and delicious rotis to their loved ones, knows the importance of having nothing but only the best quality atta. If you too are looking to buy best quality atta, head over to Dinesh Flour Mills now. At DFM, quality is of utmost importance. We don’t let other parties get involved as middlemen and have direct contacts with farmers. This ensures you get 100% pure atta made of whole wheat grain only. 0% maida and 100% whole wheat atta is our promise. Buy atta from us today and get started with your amazing culinary experiences.

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30 Nov 2023 My Sunpure

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Thanks for this!!

31 May 2023 Asif Mohammed Yunus

Monthly 200ton in 50kg packing for reselling refind wheat fluor

31 May 2023 Mysunpure

Thanks for sharing your valuable information My Sunpure is offer the MP wheat Atta at best price if you want to buy visit Mysunpure

26 Apr 2023 My Sunpure

Good Content. Thanks for sharing this.
MP wheat atta is a type of flour made from wheat grown in Madhya Pradesh, India. It is high in protein and fiber and commonly used for making bread, roti, and other baked goods.
MP wheat atta

21 Apr 2023 Neeraj

Rate of 30 kg pack

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