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Benefits of Dals and Pulses by Dinesh Flour Mills

by Pradeep Gupta 25 Mar 2021 0 Comments
Dals and Pulses of Dinesh Flour Mills

Types of Lentils and their Nutritional Values + Benefits:

Moong Dal :

Native to India, moong dal is today popular across continents for it is densely packed with vital nutrients. They are considered one of the best plant-based protein sources and hence are highly preferred by vegetarians and vegans. This dal variant is rich in vital vitamins, minerals, protein, as well as fibre. Since moong dal is also rich in antioxidants, it helps reduce the chances of a heart disease. In the Northern parts of India, moong dal is generally eaten as a gravy along with rice or chapatti. To buy high-quality unpolished moong dal, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Moong Whole :

Moong whole is the dried green dal we all eat because of its high nutritional value. It is known to lower bad LDL cholesterol, reduce heart disease risk, and prevent heat stroke, among other benefits. While generally eaten as a gravy along with rice/ chapatti, moong dal is also preferred in the form of a salad. For that, the dal is sprouted – something that makes its nutritional value shoot up. Sprouted moong is known to contain less number of calories but more number of antioxidants and amino acids. Buy your monthly supply of moong whole from DFM now.

Moong Dal with Skin :

A richly packed superfood, moong dal with skin is lovingly eaten across continents for its nutrient content. This dal has a slightly sweet taste and does not take much time to cook. This versatile food can be eaten as a gravy along with rice/ chapatti, as a salad, in the form of a soup, or stir-fried. It is high in vital nutrients and is known to cure many ailments. Incorporate the goodness of moong dal with skin in your meals today. Buy your supply of this unpolished and top-quality dal from Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Urad Dal :

In an Indian meal-plan, lentils form a basic part for they provide a range of vital nutrients. Urad dal, for one, is a tasty and healthy dal variant. Also known as black gram, this lentil helps control glucose levels and as a result, regulates diabetes. It boosts bone health and improves heart health. If you are looking forward to strengthening your nervous system, you should certainly consume this lentil on a regular basis. This dal has a lot to offer. If you are looking forward to buying urad dal, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now and lay your hands on the best quality urad dal ever.

Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) :

Rajma a.k.a. red kidney beans are a good source of soluble fibre. Since this eban is low on the glycemic index, it helps regulate blood sugar and also stabilizes blood glucose levels. When eaten in moderation, rajma also keeps the heart healthy and prevents cancer. If you are on a weight loss program, you should certainly eat rajma as it helps sustain weight loss journey. Kids should also be given rajma on a regular basis as it helps in bone strengthening. If you are looking forward to healthy rajma that also scores well on the taste quotient, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now. We process and package all ingredients at our facility, ensuring high levels of hygiene.

Light Kidney Beans (Rajma) :

Light kidney beans are a popular variant of the rajma we all grew up eating. It is one of the healthiest types of bean, especially so for people who follow a vegetarian diet. As compared to other bean types, rajma contains lower amount of fat and saturated fat. However, fibre and protein remain the same as in other bean types. If you wish to improve your heart health and keep the risk of heart diseases at bay, rajma is the way to go. So, why not start including this tasty and healthy rajma in your regular meal plans? Head to Dinesh Flour Mills for the best quality light kidney beans a.k.a. rajma now.

Masoor Dal (Red Lentils) :

Masoor dal – with its appealing shade of reddish-pink – is a popular dal as far as Indian cooking is concerned. Also known as red lentil, masoor dal is highly preferred for its numerous health benefits. Talking about nutrient content of masoor dal, it is loaded with everything that boosts overall health – protein, fibre, magnesium, calcium, B vitamins and folate. Since this dal type is low in Glycemic Index, it keeps the blood sugar level under control. This dietary fibre rich dal is super easy to digest. Since this dal is power-packed with nutrients, it is loved by everybody, especially vegetarians – who depend heavily on plant-based sources. For your monthly supply of masoor dal and other lentils at bargain prices, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Urad Dal with Skin :

Urad dal with skin has remarkable health benefits and this is why it is gaining popularity as a superfood all over the world. This dal variant is rich in fibre, potassium, calcium, iron, Vitamin B, and various bone-building minerals. It helps keep cholesterol levels under check, betters bone mineral density, and helps flush out toxins, uric acid, excess fat, etc. and keep the kidney in good shape. The list of the benefits of consuming urad dal with skin are endless. So, wait no more and head to Dinesh Flour Mills now to place an order for this dal.

Urad Whole :

Lentils are known as comfort food for a reason. A hot bowl of lentil soup with a hint of black pepper and a dash of lemon juice makes gloomy winter days survivable. Talking about lentils, how can we not talk about Urad Whole? This variety of dal is known for its various health benefits. You should consume this on a regular basis if you look forward to a healthy bone mineral density, better cholesterol levels, and good kidneys. This dal is also beneficial in strengthening the nervous system. If you wish to ensure good health of your family members, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now and buy your fill of Urad Whole.

Urad Gotta :

Are you looking forward to incorporating healthy meals in your diet for a glowing skin and lush hair? If you just nodded a big yes, then urad gotta dal is just for you. This dal variant is rich in minerals and vitamins, a quality that makes it vital in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Since it is rich in iron content, it helps circulate more oxygen in the system, making way for a radiant and glowing skin. It is also an instant solution to sunburn, tan, and acne. If you are pretty careful about maintaining your looks, you should certainly incorporate this dal in your everyday meals. Head to Dinesh Flour Mills for unpolished Urad Gotta dal now.

Black Eye Beans :

Before we jump on to the benefits of black-eyed beans on our health, let’s first have a look at the nutritional value of this dal variant. It is an excellent source of calcium, iron, vitamin A, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, and folate, among other vital nutrients. Black eye beans are about impressive health benefits that range from supporting weight loss to improving heart health and promoting digestion. The good thing about this bean type is that it can easily be incorporated into various recipes to take their nutritional value several notches up. If you wish to keep the health of your family members in the pink, order black eye beans from Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Semolina (Suji)  :

Think breakfast and several wouth-watering dishes like idli, upma, and uttapam etc. come to mind. You know what is common between all three? One, they are super tasty, two, they are healthy dishes made using semolina a.k.a. suji. Talking about the nutritional contents of this versatile ingredient, it is rich in protein, fibre, and Vitamin B. It is good to be included in your everyday diet if you are looking forward to losing weight. It also helps in keeping the heart and digestive system in good shape. It is good for lactating mothers as it supports lactation. It increases iron levels in the body and hence is an instant energy provider. Another good thing about semolina is that it is good for diabetic people. Order your fill of semolina from Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Chana Dal (Split Gram) :

Split Bengal gram – commonly referred to as chana dal – is a favourite among people. This yellow lentil is nothing but baby chickpeas split into half and polished – and is a highly preferred dal in Indian cuisine. This excellent source of protein for vegetarians provides energy and keeps the heart healthy. This diabetic-friendly dal improves insulin response significantly. Since it is high in fibre content, it is highly preferred by people who are on a weight loss regime. Its delicious nutty flavour makes it a staple dal type in India. It is eaten as a dry side dish, as a gravy, as khichadi, as halva, as mithai, and in other dishes also. Order chana dal from Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Toor Dal (Split Pigeon Peas) :

Dals are an integral part of Indian meals. They are eaten in one form or the other in every part of the country. Think sambhar in Southern parts of India, khichadi in Western parts of India, and dal as a gravy in the rest of India. It unites us, we can say. Toor dal, a.k.a. arhar dal or split pigeon peas – is a humble pulse that is rich in protein, carbs, and fibre. Since it is an excellent source of folic acids, it aids in fetal growth and prevents birth defects in a new-born. This dal is a good source of dietary fibre and various vitamins like thiamin, potassium, and manganese etc. Head to Dinesh Flour Mills now to get your fill of toor dal.

Yellow Peas :

Yellow peas are an intensely dense food that help keep one healthy. They bring down the risk of diabetes, cancer, and various heart ailments. It helps keep the weight in check and hence is preferred by people keeping an eye on their weight. They are a rich source of plant-based protein, healthy carbs, and what not. While they take some time to prepare, it is all worth it keeping in mind the numerous health benefits associated to them. Order your fill of Yellow peas from Dinesh Flour Mills – the only place that assures you high quality and better taste. Processed and packaged in-house, our dals are all about nutrients.

Green Peas

This sweet variant of peas, green pea is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy. Green pea is cholesterol-free, fat-free, low-sodium, and a good source of fibre. It is a good way to add both colour and flavour to a dish. It offers a range of other benefits like it keeps the heart healthy, helps lower the cholesterol, prevents stomach cancer, promotes good eyesight, regulates blood sugar, strengthens the immunity, keeps bones strong, is excellent for digestion, and is naturally anti-aging. If you wish to provide a good health package to your family and loved ones, include green peas in their diet. To buy the best-quality green peas, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Moth :

Moth beans are also known as matki in many parts of the country. It is closely related to moong beans however has a dark brown appearance. Looking at its nutritional profile, you should actually add this food in your diet. It is an excellent plant-based source of protein, fibre, and energy. It also consists of vitamin B, iron, potassium, and zinc etc. Moth helps combat fatigue, helps maintain immunity, cardiovascular health, and mental health. Its nutrients also help keep muscles, bones, and teeth in good shape. You should also consider eating Moth if you look forward to healthy cell functioning. Place your order for high-quality, low-moisture dal from Dinesh Flour Mills today.

Moth Dal:

Vegetarians generally find it hard to find food sources rich in various nutrients. If you too struggle with the same, here’s help in the form of moth dal. Talking about the nutritional content of the humble beans they are generally referred to as, they are rich in protein, fibre, energy, vitamin B, zinc, potassium, and iron, among other vitals. All these nutrients help in the formation of cardiovascular, mental, and bone health. It also keeps the muscles and teeth healthy. It is certainly a bean type you should include in your regular diet plans. For high-quality, low-moisture, super-hygienic moth dal, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Psyllium Husk:

A powdered form of fibre, Psyllium Husk is made from the seed husk of a plant known as Plantago Ovato Plant. It is used to treat gastrointestinal problems and constipation. Ironically, it is also used for the treatment of diarrhea. It is also good for people considering losing some weight and is even considered better than oats. It controls blood sugar levels and is also good for heart health. This is something all of us should incorporate in our meals in one form or the other. For best quality Psyllium Husk that is also reasonably priced, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Corn Powa:

Rich in carbs and vital minerals and vitamins like potassium, iron, and thiamine etc., corn or makai is very helpful in the maintenance of good health. This tasty food type is beneficial for heart diseases and also maintains lung health. It is a protein-rich food that also aids in weight loss. If you are looking to keep your body in good shape inside-out, corn powa is the way to go. This light food can be eaten every day. To get your fill of corn powa, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now. We process and package everything in-house, assuring hygienic, unadulterated ingredients to our customers.

Gram Flour (Besan):

While not used as much as whole wheat flour and rice in Indian kitchens, besan a.k.a. gram flour a.k.a. chick pea flour has carved its own name in our kitchens. Apart from imparting a nutty flavour to gravies and curries, it is also used to prepare delicious pakoray (fritters), halva, cheela, and so much more. Outside of the kitchen, it is used for various skin and hair home remedies. People also get it added to whole wheat flour to increase its advantages. People with diabetes or gluten intolerance also find solace in dishes made of besan. It’s soluble fibre is good for your heart. If these advantages incite you and you wish to lay your hands on high-quality besan, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.


Val - also known as butter beans - is highly consumed in various parts of India for the richness of iron in it. It is also a very rich source of proteins and fibers, and helps prevent heart diseases. High content of iron in Val results in the growth of cells in the body. On the top of this, it also provides folate - required for fetal development. It is used to make tasty dishes and lip-smacking cuisines. If you too wish to experiment and prepare tasty and healthy snack items, order top quality Val from Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Val Dal:

Val dal is eaten by people all over the world. Providing earthy flavour, this dal is loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre. Among numerous health benefits, they also add to improved motor function and immunity. They are loaded with nutrients and are rich in plant protein as well as soluble fibre. The consumption of val dal may also lead to prevention in birth defects. For a healthy fetal development, mothers-to-be should include this dal in their meals. Are you impressed with a range of benefits provided by val dal? Place your order with Dinesh Flour Mills for high quality dals now.

Chick Peas:

Chickpeas – a.k.a. garbanzo beans – are known for their nutty taste and grainy texture. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Consumption of chickpeas is related to an improvement in digestion, weight management, and reduction in the risk of several diseases. They are high in protein and hence are highly preferred by vegetarians and vegans both. They help keep the appetite under control, and thus aid in weight management too. Low GI (Glycemic Index) of chickpeas ensures blood sugar levels are always in control. If you too wish to include more of chickpeas in your diet for all the benefits they provide, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now to buy your supply.

Sago Seeds:

Sago seeds are consumed in one form or the other across the globe. Their versatile nature makes them highly popular everywhere. More so, it is a primary source of carbohydrates in various countries across the globe. Consisting of resistant starch and antioxidants, sago seeds are linked to various health benefits. It lowers risk factor for heart diseases; enhances exercise performance, and prevents digestion related issues, etc. Sago – a gluten-free and non-allergic food ingredient – is a popular Indian fasting food. You can have it savoury or sweet – as you like it. To lay your hands on top quality sago seeds, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Roasted Gram Split:

Roasted gram split is eaten as a snack in various parts of the world. It has many health benefits associated to it. It keeps blood sugar levels under control and controls diabetes. It also helps maintain healthy bones and reduces inflammation. It lowers cholesterol, enhances immunity, is known to help prevent cancer, and helps in maintaining a healthy heart. Roasted gram – when consumed before sleeping at night and followed by a glass of hot milk – helps in treating respiratory diseases. You can buy the best quality roasted gram split from Dinesh Flour Mills now.

Millet (Bajra):

Bajra is a gluten-free grain that is high in fibre. Since it is rich in magnesium, it helps keep the heart healthy, and keeps diabetes at bay. Potassium content in pearl millet dilates blood vessels, thus helping reduce overall blood pressure. Antioxidant content in bajra helps keep diseases like cancer, stroke, and heart diseases at bay. Its contents also help excrete toxins from the body, thus keeping kidney and liver in good shape. Moreover, it also helps reduce LDL – bad cholesterol. Do you wish to include bajra in your diet? If you just nodded a yes, head to Dinesh Flour Mills and lay your hands on nothing but the best.

Sorghum (Jowar):

Jowar a.k.a. sorghum contains a good amount of fibre – and helps improve digestion. It fights against free radicals in the body and boosts immunity. This gluten-free grain is a rich source of protein and improves heart health. Its low GI (Glycemic Index) keeps blood sugar levels under check and also controls diabetes. This nutrient-packed grain is rich in vitamins and minerals and it can be used in many ways. Sorghum is anti-inflammatory and hence is slowly gaining popularity. Do you wish to include sorghum in your diet? If yes is your answer, Dinesh Flour Mills is here to help you get nothing but the best.

Roasted Gram Whole:

Roasted chana whole is consumed widely as a snack. It is rich in essential vitamins and fibre. It helps in improving digestion and enhancing immunity. It lowers the cholesterol and helps prevent cancer, apart from helping maintain a healthy heart. Roasted chana whole is also linked to reduction of inflammation and stabilizing of blood pressure. It also maintains healthy bones. For somebody who is suffering from diabetes and wishes to keep blood sugars under control, roasted chana whole is the way to go. If you look forward to adding it to the daily diet of your family members, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.


Jaggery is nature’s dessert for us all who crave for something sweet after every meal and cannot stop at one. It should be eaten every day, especially so in winters. Jaggery is known to better the hemoglobin levels in the blood. Talking about blood health, it also helps maintain blood pressure and also purifies the blood, leaving your body healthy. Jaggery is also known to help maintain the proper functioning of the digestive system. If you are somebody you know is suffering from the swift occurrence of acne and pimples, jaggery comes to the rescue again. To get home the best quality pure jaggery, head to Dinesh Flour Mills now.

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