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International Millets Year 2023 - IMY2023

by Pradeep Gupta 21 Mar 2023 0 Comments
IMY2023 Inernational Year Of Millets 2023

International Millets Year 2023 - IMY 2023

Earlier in 2018, Millets were Rebranded in the name of Nutri Cereals, later the year 2018 was declared as the National Year of Millets !!

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, organized a grand opening ceremony for the International Year of Millets – 2023 at Rome on 6th December 2022

As declared by the United Nations General Assembly :

Year 2023 is The International Millets Year (IMY 2023), The objective of the International Millets Year is to raise awareness about the importance of millets as a healthy and nutritious food source and to promote their cultivation, consumption and utilization around the world.

The celebration of IMY is expected to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by improving food security, nutrition, and livelihoods of small farmers, particularly in developing countries.

Various events, campaigns, and initiatives were organized by governments, organizations, and individuals around the world to mark the International Millets Year. These included conferences, seminars, workshops, cooking competitions, awareness campaigns, and exhibitions, among others.

The International Millets Year serves as a platform to raise awareness about the potential of millets as a climate-resilient crop and a tool for food security and poverty alleviation. It also emphasizes the need for increased investment in research, development, and promotion of millets as a part of a sustainable food system.

India has been at the forefront of promoting millets as a healthy and sustainable food source, and it played a significant role in the celebration of the International Millets Year in 2023. The Government of India declared the year 2023 as the National Year of Millets, in line with the International Millets Year. Embassies of India will be organizing events in 140 countries to promote millets. 

Several initiatives were undertaken by the Government of India and other organizations to promote millets during the National Year of Millets. These included:

  1. Promotion of millet-based products: The government promoted the use of millets in various food products, including bakery products, breakfast cereals, and snacks.

  2. Awareness campaigns: Various awareness campaigns were launched to promote millets, including digital campaigns, radio and TV ads, and workshops.

  3. Millet festivals: Millet festivals were organized in various parts of the country to showcase the diversity of millets and their culinary uses.

  4. Millet cultivation: The government provided support to farmers for millet cultivation, including subsidies and training.

  5. Millet-based entrepreneurship: The government encouraged the establishment of millet-based enterprises, such as millet processing units and millet-based restaurants.

Overall, the National Year of Millets in India was a great success, and it helped in raising awareness about the importance of millets for health, nutrition, and sustainability. It is expected that the promotion of millets will continue beyond the National Year of Millets, as part of the government's efforts to promote sustainable and healthy food systems.


MILLETS in G-20 Summits: 

In G-20 meetings delegates are being given true millet experience through tasting, interactive sessions with start-ups and FPOs and meeting with farmers. Big steps have been taken to promote millets in G-20 nations.

We salute the Government of India and State Governments of India for their support and encouragement to revive the forgotten glory of ‘Miracle Millets’ through the grand promotions and celebration of International Year of Millets - 2023. 

 #shreeanna, #IMY2023, #IMY




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